We always welcome volunteers, so we hope you will consider sparing some time in this interesting parish.

Why not offer to join the team of Stewards who help run the Church shop in the Parish Church or welcome the thousands of visitors who come to Cirencester to see this wonderful House of God. You might even offer to lead midday prayers on a week-day at the Parish Church. There is a Prayer Ministry team at Holy Trinity Watermoor who will pray confidentially with anyone in need. Serving as an acolyte is an exciting way of becoming involved in the 'action' of the services. Then there is the youth work of the parish - a vital part of our outreach to families.

Could you help as a volunteer in the church book shop? Or maybe joining the team of hospital volunteers? We take part in a street pastor scheme ensuring young people get home safely from the town centre on Friday and Saturday nights.

Are you good at using a computer? Would you be willing to share a little of your time with the administration of the parish?

We produce the service sheets, pew leaflets and notices. We deal with the every day problems of the parish and look after the bookings of the halls.

We also manage the paperwork for baptisms and funerals and look after the financial aspect of a large parish with three churches. There is lots to do - especially duplicating and folding. If you are interested contact the Parish Office, in the Parish Centre.

Most functions cause a deal of washing up or preparation. The valiant behind-the-scenes team keep our kitchens spotless, prepare food, open wine and spend hours in the sink.

The Churchwardens are always on the look-out for people willing to bring their gardening skills to bear on the church grounds at Holy Trinity and St Lawrence. Lawn mowing, weeding, tidying up and litter picking are just a few of the many jobs associated with keeping the environment clean and tidy.

Do, please, let the Wardens know if you would like to join the teams of people supporting the Church in this way.


Contact details

The Parish Centre, Gosditch Street, Cirencester, Glos. GL7 2AG

Tel: 01285 659317
E-mail: enquiries@cirenparish.co.uk

Books of Remembrance can be seen at the Parish Church and Holy Trinity.

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